Touring Samos

Posidinio Bay
Pythagorio Harbour
Psilli Amos Beach
Ruins of the Temple of Hera
Vathy by night


Take a stroll through the charming traditional settlement of the islands capital. Here you can admire the narrow uphill alleyways lined with beautiful traditional town houses with impressively carved marble balconies and wooded roofed verandas. Enjoy a glass of ouzo at a traditional cafe:neon and imagine, if you can, that villagers in a bygone age escaped pirate invasion by jumping over the closely positioned terracotta roof tops. Afterwards visit the many boutiques in the town centre for some retail therapy.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 12 km   Driving Time: 20 minutes 

Vlamari / Zoodochou Pigis Monastery

Vlamari is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is a stunning valley surrounded by rolling green hills which in spring time offers an abundance of brightly coloured flowers that fill the air with an attractive aroma. The Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis is nestled between tall pine and Cyprus trees and its views over the bays of Mourtia and Kerveli are simply breath taking.  The 17th century monastery is said to offer some of the best views on the island.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 13 km     Driving Time: 20 minutes

Kerveli Bay

Driving down through this lush green valley is a real treat. Kerveli bay is a neighbouring beach to Klima and offers clear emerald water and natural shade on its peaceful beach. The bay is a favourite with locals and visitors in the know and is a fantastic place to try out your snorkeling or just relax with a good book by the water’s edge.

Distance from Klima paradise: 9 km    Driving Time: 12 minutes


This charming village is within walking distance of Klima Paradise and is the perfect place to sit and relax with a Greek coffee in its attractive taverna with its tables laid out over the water’s edge. Admire the backdrop of the idyllic St Nikolas church high on the hill with the Turkish mountains behind.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 2 km    Driving Time: 5 minutes       Walking time: 10 minutes

Psilli Amos

One of the most popular beaches on the Island, its name translates as “fine Sand”. This beautiful beach is popular with families as it offers warm shallow waters and an array of little fish restaurants that line its pure white sand beach.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 15 km   Driving Time: 18 minutes       Walking time: 40 minutes

Temple of Hera / Airport

Just outside of the fishing port of Ireon stands the Temple of Hera first built in the 8th century BC.  It was built in tribute to Hera, queen of the gods, who it is said was born on the island. The Temple was destroyed and rebuilt throughout history and the final 4th structure was commissioned in the Polycrates era. With 133 columns and standing 25 metres high, Herodotus said it was the most luxurious and biggest temple he ever saw. Sadly after once again being destroyed by the Persians, only one column remains. It is worth taking a step back in time to visit this historically special place.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 25 km     Driving Time: 35 minutes

Monastery of Spiliani

The view from this monastery is impressive as our gaze caresses the Aegean all the way to the Turkish shores. A fascinating cave at the rear of the monastery houses a little chapel and it is said the Islanders hid here to escape the final Turkish invasion. It also offers a welcome rest from the heat of the mid:day sun and you can listen to the gentle dripping of water running into the self filling baptism pools.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 18 km     Driving Time: 25 minutes


Unquestionably one of the most picturesque spots on the south coast, Pythorgorio takes its name from the famous mathematician who was born here. It offers a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere in the summer months when the old harbour is lined with fantastic restaurants and cosy cocktail bars. It is a joy to spend time here either by day or night. Relax and enjoy a drink whilst admiring the sleek yachts and traditional fishing boats journey in and out.
Distance from

Klima Paradise: 18 km    Driving Time: 25 minutes


The village of kokkari is very popular on the island and although many tourists visit the area every year it has managed to retain its original charm.  Densely wooded slopes, blue skies, clear waters and three wonderful beaches provide the backdrop to this picturesque village. There is a plethora of coffee houses that are well placed next to the water’s edge and it is a delight to visit Kokkari for a simple coffee to relax in the sunshine.

Distance from Klima Paradise: 20 km    Driving Time: 25 minutes


Visiting the gorgeous mountain village of Manolates is a unique experience. The journey to the top is breathtaking with its leafy drive, babbling stream and far reaching views. Many artists now live in the village and it is a great opportunity to buy a gift that’s totally unique to take home with you.

Distance from Klima paradise: 32    Driving Time: 40 minutes